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Every Dog Will Have Its Day Care
The Improper Bostonian

A forest of very tall dogs, with a few wagging shorties below them, fill this apartment, completely turned over to Fidotic concerns. Depending on the time of day or night you enter this surprisingly  calm scene (there are upward of 20 dogs at any given time) canine guests may be there for all-day Doggy Day Care, an overnight Pajama Party, or just a few hours at Play Group in the back yard.

The humorous, energetic, and good-hearted Judy Basteri and her employees will pick up your dog in one of their vans (what a riot to idle next to them at a stoplight!) and return them; easy as an old-fashioned dry cleaner. Judy is Top Dog, punctuating her affectionate conversations with the dogs (if these were human children you couldn't ask for a more doting relationship) with words of warning and discipline delivered in a just-slightly-higher note of discipline.  All Day Doggies go outdoors about 15-20 times, into the vast yard filled with peastone (disinfected and hosed down frequently), a pool, a child's plastic playhouse in which they adorably romp, and lots of chewies.  Inside, they lie on beds in cozy communion.  Judy brings the eager dogs to the door where they stand like well-behaved schoolchildren; she calls their names one by one.  Only when a dog's name is called does he scoot out the door.  It is very clear these dogs are having a good time. But for the occasional squall, they are quiet and peaceful.  And, no anonymous dog zoo this, they get lots and lots of attention.  The owners have a newsletters, "Paws For Thought," which is reportedly read with as much attention as if it were the Wall Street Journal. Judy recognizes that in some cases these dogs are the only "children" in the family, hence highly precious. "The dogs socialize and get exercise, leaving them in the same state that their owners are after work-tired, worked-out," says Judy.

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