In 1985, because of my love for my dogs and animals in general, I created the concept of doggie daycare, doggie playgroups, and doggie pajama parties so that our favorite pups would no longer have to board in a noisy, smelly kennel sitting in a cage all day by themselves.

Pet Companions Bed & Biscuit is recognized as the nation’s first cageless overnight and daycare facility. The dogs are able to come in the house and play outside at will in a professionally designed yard that is double-fenced with staff always present. We have beds outside for them to sunbathe and umbrellas for those who want to be out but prefer the shade. We have two pools for them to go swimming in, the music inside and out, along with many water bowls that are changed frequently. Inside the house, which is heated and air-conditioned for year-round comfort, they listen to classical music that soothes them as they snuggle into beds and couches.

You might see staff throwing tennis balls for dogs to catch or pups playing keep-away or the game of catch-me-if-you-can. The bigger dogs enjoy games of rough-and-tumble with each other.

I believe that Pet Companions Bed & Biscuit is a dog’s dream come true and certainly the next best place if you cannot take them with you.