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Pampered Pet Tails
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You might be stuck in meetings, but isn't it nice to know that your pooch is enjoying doggy slumber parties, supervised field trips to the countryside, couch-pup viewings of "Lassie," and other joys of deluxe doggy day care centers while you're on the road?  Yes, it is.  A Shuttle Cities sampler:

At Club Pet International in Arlington, Virginia, "sitters" play with frisbees with your pet or it beside him on the couch to watch TV.  On Labor Day there's a canine cook-out; turkey dinners are served for Christmas and Thanksgiving; Yappy Hours feature ice cream and Famous Fido cookies for the PLU (Pooches Like Us) crowd.  In Boston, the hottest spot is Pet Companions, where dogs dropped off in the morning listen to classical music, nap on favorite furniture, and (dog) paddle in the pool.

At New York City's Camp Canine, pooches have supervised playtime between meals, naps and acticities like birthday parties and chasing bubbles.  Artwork created in paw painting session is sent home with owners at the end of the day. And the NY Dog Spa & Hotel just launched Fido's Cafe and Lounge , the first restaraunt in the U.S. for dogs and owners.

Daily fees range from $10-$30, depending on pet size.  Extras may be tacked on for special activities; roundtrip limousine transport can add as much as $50 per day.

And should you wish to bring your best four-legged friend with you on the road, the Four Seasons Hotel in all three shuttle cities offer special doggy hospitalisty.  Pets weighing under 20 pounds can check into your room free of charge, and there's a special dogy dish, treat and room service menu for pets.

- Sharon King

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