Frequently Asked Questions

I’m interested in your services but have more questions. What should I do next?

Call us and ask all the questions that you want so you feel comfortable with our business. If you are still interested, you will need to set up an initial consultation visit so that you and your pup can visit our facility. Your pup will also have to participate in a trial day of daycare, where s/he is evaluated for at least 4 hours to make sure that s/he is appropriate for our facility. The visit will also include a guided tour so that you can see where your pup will be staying. There is a one-time fee of $35.00 for the consultation, which will take approximately 30- 45 minutes.

What do the dogs do while they are there?

The dogs get to go in and out all day at will into our enclosed and professionally designed yard. They make friends with other dogs, play catch with staff, swim, sunbathe or sit under an umbrella for shade. If the dogs prefer, they can go inside and rest while listening to classical music in the climate-controlled house.

I get worried when I leave my pup anywhere. What should I do?

You should know that we all get worried or nervous when leaving our most precious possession. We will give you our private number so you can speak to a staff member to get an update on how your pup is doing.

When are you open?

We are open 7 days a week from 6:30 am- 8:30pm There are no door hours (no pick-up or drop-off) on major holidays.

How many years have they been in business?

Pet Companions, Bed & Biscuit has been in business for 27 years. We are recognized as the nation’s first cage-less boarding and daycare facility.

Do they have an outside yard?

Bed & Biscuit has two large outside yards full of toys and tennis balls. There are also picnic blankets for them to lie on and sunbathe.

Are you allowed to view the whole facility?

Bed & Biscuit has an observation area that is always available to clients to view outside yard. We also have 24-hour cameras throughout the house to view dogs when they are inside, and where they sleep.

How much outside time do they get?

At the Bed & Biscuit, our doors are always open for dogs to go in and out at will. The inside is climate controlled year round, and we have umbrellas and pools outside for the summer.

How is your dog behaviorally managed?

At the Bed & Biscuit, we use the Gentle Method™. When a dog excessively barks, mounts, or plays too rough, staff walks over to the dog, makes them sit and holds them on leash for a 5-10 second time out.

How are dogs fed?

At the Bed & Biscuit, we feed one dog at a time in a private feeding room.

How do they keep track of how much a dog eats?

At the Bed & Biscuit, our staff tracks how much and how often a dog eats, which lets us know that the dog is feeling okay.

How is medicine distributed?

At the Bed & Biscuit, each dog requiring medication administration receives an individual medication cassette to ensure proper dosage.

How often do they clean? What do they use?

At the Bed & Biscuit, we bleach the indoor and outdoor areas every night. Bleach is the only liquid that kills bacteria.